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Talking to Chatbots is a knowledge hub, created by people, augmented by the wonders of generative AI. Chatbots help us connect the power of technology with human ingenuity through conversation and curiosity.

This page compiles all the chatbot conversations posted on the blog, social media, and other channels. There are endless possibilities for learning and creating using generative AI and LLM (large language model) chatbots, so it鈥檚 worth sharing our experience with prompts, answers, prompt engineering, prompt hacking tips, or just having fun. Currently, chats are organized by theme. Each category includes specific posts or conversations that align with the topic: AI, Books, Business and Economics, Comedy and Humor, Finance and Wealth, Gaming, Movies, Music, Philosophy and Personal Development, and Science, Technology, and Engineering. However, I aim to reorganize all chats so they are also grouped by prompt classes (language analysis, web research, conceptual questions…), prompt engineering techniques (impersonations and role-playing, childlike chatting, prompting games…), models, and tools.

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Find below a list of chatbots I have configured and trained on multiple platforms: HuggingChat (馃), ChatGPT (馃), and Character.AI (馃槑). Note that GPTs on ChatGPT, as of the latest update of this page (February 2024), require a ChatGPT Plus subscription.

Articles and Posts Published on Other Platforms

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AI Is Not the Problem: The Problem Is Cultural and Intellectual Decadence (posted on Medium)

AI Video Generation and the Changing Role of Screens in Our Perception of Truth (LinkedIn post)

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Generative AI Is Just a Hammer, But the Journey Is Fascinating (posted on Medium)

Here鈥檚 a LLM-Generated Article I Found on Google (The Ever-Evolving Landscape of SEO) (LinkedIn post)

How AI Fuels the Social Media Bubble and the Decline of Human Self-Awareness (Article on Medium)

In a Gold Rush, Sell Shovels: The Key to Understanding Modern Bubbles Is the Commoditization of the Previous Sentence (posted on Medium)

Is This Conversation Real? (LinkedIn post)

LLM Fake Apologies Meet Their Master (Mark Zuckerberg) (Medium post)

LLM Hallucination Is a Feature, Not a Defect (posted on Medium)

Money Talks, Authenticity Dances (Steve Ballmer) (LinkedIn article)

People Don’t Want to Work? (posted on Medium)

Peter Drucker: A Seminal, Timeless Elucidation of Artificial Intelligence (LinkedIn post)

Talking to Chatbots: Do AIs Like Art? (LinkedIn article)

The Ever-Evolving Landscape of AI Writing (Medium post)

The Role of User-Created Content on Social Media (LinkedIn post)

The War of the Machines May Be Closer Than We Think: Big Data鈥檚 Fourth 鈥榁’ (posted on LinkedIn, 2017)

Welcome Back, Sam: A New Chapter Begins at OpenAI (Sam Altman) ( post)

Work Has Never Been a Meritocracy… And That’s Fine (LinkedIn Post)

Other Chatbot Resources

Chatbot Rankings

LMSYS Chatbot Arena. A crowd-sourced space on Hugging Face that offers up-to-date insights into LLM performance, with its rankings based on people’s votes. To participate, you can enter any prompt, and you will be presented with two responses from two different models, keeping the name of the model hidden until you vote by choosing the answer that looks better to you. Below, you can check the latest rankings, as well as find links to participate and explore all model pages.

Screen capture showing the LMSYS Chatbot Arena leaderboard as of April 19th, 2024. Click to access the LMSYS website with the voting tool and updated leaderboard

WildVision Arena. A crowd-sourced ranking of multimodal vision-language models (GPT-4V, Gemini Pro Vision, Llava, CogVLM, Qwen-VL…), based on people鈥檚 votes. You can enter any image (plus an optional text prompt), and you will be presented with two responses from two different models, keeping the name of the model hidden until you vote by choosing the answer that looks better to you.

WildVision Arena and the Battle of Multimodal AI

Forums and Communities on Social Media

  • r/OpenAI on Reddit: OpenAI-sponsored unofficial OpenAI subreddit.
  • r/CharacterAI on Reddit: Character.AI community
  • r/ClaudeAI on Reddit: community for discussing Anthropic’s Claude chatbot.
  • r/Bard on Discord: click the link to join the Discord channel linked to Bard’s subreddit.