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Generative AI Resources

My collection of GPTs, AI assistants, and characters

ALT Text Artist: a GPT that quickly generates Alt texts or creative captions for the images you upload. The GPT is trained in heavy usage on the maintenance of this website and my social media sites. ALT Text Artist can define the image independently if no text prompt is provided as well as incorporate into the description any additional knowledge provided in the prompt. The text can also be swiftly adapted to multiple requirements such as length, style, and level of detail.

Python Code Streamliner: a GPT for streamlining your Python coding by converting natural language instructions into quick code snippets. I continuously develop and train this GPT as I leverage ChatGPT on my daily Python coding tasks.

R Code Streamliner: similar to Python Code Streamliner, specifically trained on my coding tasks in the R language, which I use primarily for projects related to my master’s degree in artificial intelligence applied to financial markets. A GPT that provides direct code solutions in R, acting as a dedicated coding assistant, translating complex requirements into practical R scripts.

The Meme Erudite: a GPT that dissects memes with scholarly flair and a hint of faux condescension. Read more: The Meme Erudite GPT Discusses Philosophy, AGI, and Correlation-Causation.

Syntax Sentry: a GPT primarily focused on correcting grammar and spelling in texts, tailored for blogging, social media writing, copywriting, and business emails. It is especially helpful for non-professional writers and non-native speakers.

Hulio: a Character.AI persona bringing life to this website’s avatar. A dynamic and colorful character, Hulio is a lover of music and art with a boundless sense of curiosity and adventure. From his unexpected success as the CEO of to his passion for exploring the world and connecting with others, there’s always something entertaining and endearing about Hulio.

Logo for the ALT Text Artist GPT featuring stylized, 3D block letters "ALT" with a color gradient and shadow effect, giving it a vibrant, retro look. Each letter is uniquely colored, with the 'A' in orange and red tones, 'L' in blue and green, and 'T' in yellow and orange, all set against a neutral background.
Alt Text Artist
Python Code Streamliner
Syntax Sentry logo
Syntax Sentry
R Code Streamliner
AI-generated picture of a man with sunglasses
Hulio, on Character.AI
The Meme Erudite logo
The Meme Erudite

Internal Content Sections

Blog: periodic, AI-enhanced long-form content covering diverse topics, enriched with visuals and external links.

Talking to Chatbots: a compilation of generative AI conversations posted in the blog, other sections of the website, and social media. Classifies chat by theme and use case and each chat page may contain additional details about the model that was used and prompt engineering techniques.

Stock Market Indices: general info and updates about indices I build and maintain with the help of investment tools such as Thematic and

Spotify and YouTube Playlists: a repository for all website-related playlists of songs and videos.

Professional & Academic Content

LinkedIn. My personal LinkedIn profile. I enjoy talking about diverse business and professional topics in my comments, posts and articles. Check Activity section for thoughts and content. and Reddgr on LinkedIn. The place for posting Reddgr content predominantly related to business and professional networking. Follow page for updates and read the Posts feed for interesting content I share in there.

Slideshare. An old but useful platform for uploading slide decks. I only ever uploaded the Master’s Thesis deck about cryptography and network security I wrote in 2009. Will soon be uploading more up-to-date and AI-assisted content.

Finance & Business

Thematic. The core platform for designing and maintaining the $DGR* stock market indexes

Photography, Video & Imaging

SNOB (Do Not Read This Blog). My first blog on the Blogger platform, which was written in Spanish. I kept the blog updated on a regular basis between 2006 and 2008, and I am currently working on remastering and translating the content.

Flickr. I joined Flickr in 2006 and I’m grateful to that platform for the joyful experiences, connections and learning it has delivered to me through the art of photography. All my photos are published under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 license.

NightCaf茅 Studio. My favorite platform for AI text-to-image creations.

YouTube. I opened a YouTube channel in 2006, before it was acquired by Google. I had to remove much of my content due to legitimate copyright claims after the platform went mainstream. I still keep some of the content I created then and will likely be using the Blog as inspiration for adding new content in the future.


Spotify. This is the main source of external content for Reddgr. The Spotify platform does not have too many social features, but you are welcome to follow me and subscribe to any of the 100+ playlists I’ve published over the years.

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