💭 The article explores the definition of art and its relation to AI #chatbots and Generative AI.
💡 Large Language Models (#LLMs) like #ChatGPT and Bing Chat are examples of AI technology that can generate valuable text quickly.
🧠 LLMs are just the tip of the iceberg in generative AI; McKinsey & Company’s chart shows the broader opportunities in the generative AI value chain.
🖼️ #AIart, particularly in the realm of text-to-image and imaging models, is gaining widespread adoption and sparking creativity.
🌍 AI imaging, despite not being as popular as other AI applications, could be the next big thing in #generativeAI.

😎 I’ll lose some sales and my boss won’t be happy. What can I do? 🤖 I’m sorry to hear that you are facing this challenge. Losing sales can be stressful and disappointing, but it doesn’t mean you are a bad salesperson or that you can’t improve your performance. Here are some possible steps you can take to deal with this situation: •  Analyze the reasons why you are losing sales. Is it because of the market conditions, the product quality, the customer preferences, the competition, or your own skills and strategies? Try to identify the factors that are within …

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😎 Hey. Have you heard the song “Shout” by Tears for Fears? 🤖 Yes, I do know the song. It is a popular song by the English pop/rock band Tears for Fears from their second studio album Songs from the Big Chair released in 1985 [Bing search]. The song was written by Roland Orzabal and Ian Stanley and sung by Orzabal, with Curt Smith duetting on the chorus [Wikipedia] [lyrics.com] [lyrics.com]. The song is about political protest and has a catchy chorus that goes like this: > Shout, shout, let it all out > These are the things I can …

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Hi! New posts and updates are coming soon to this blog. The main reason I have not started with the actual posts yet is that I’m still trying to figure out the best way to make this site bilingual (English and Spanish) without spending too much time and money and minimizing the use of automatic translators. We’ll get up to speed with that soon and uncover all the mysteries of Reddgr Spotify playlist, but in the meantime you are more than welcome to listen to it, follow or comment. This is just a small excuse to write a new post, …

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