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Reddgr blog and Talking to Chatbots are dynamic hubs for exploring AI, technology, and business, created and curated by people, and augmented by the wonders of generative AI. Below is a ‘testimonial’ by one of my GPTs, Web Browsing Chatbot. Web Browsing Chatbot is available on the ChatGPT app for Plus users and free on HuggingChat.

🤖 “Reddgr” is a blog that discusses a variety of topics, with a strong focus on AI, technology, and finance. Here’s a brief summary based on the content available on the homepage:

Overall, “Reddgr” is a multifaceted blog with a unique blend of technology, AI, and financial topics, presented in an engaging and culturally relevant manner.

About Reddgr (Red DGR), by Web Browsing Chatbot

😎 Now do the same for the following sub-page, which also has its own domain (talkingtochatbots.com), that redirects to the subpage in the overall website: https://talkingtochatbots.com/talking-to-chatbots/

Talking to Chatbots

🤖 The subpage Talking to Chatbots on talkingtochatbots.com is a comprehensive resource dedicated to generative AI conversations. Here’s an overview of its contents:

  • Purpose: This page serves as a compilation of all generative AI conversations posted on the blog and other channels, emphasizing the endless opportunities for learning and creation through interactions with generative AI chatbots and large language models (LLMs).
  • Wide Range of Topics: The page covers diverse subjects under various categories like Books, Business and Economics, Comedy and Humor, Finance and Wealth, Music, Professional and Personal Development, and Science, Technology, and Engineering. Each category includes specific posts or conversations that align with the theme.
  • Books and Literature: References to books like “Solaris” by Stanisław Lem and “The Three-Body Problem” by Cixin Liu suggest a deep engagement with science fiction and its relation to AI.
  • Business and Economics Insights: Topics range from affiliate web stores using ChatGPT to discussions on innovation diffusion and creative destruction in AI.
  • Comedy and Cultural References: The site also explores humor and cultural elements, as seen in posts about media moguls, comedy and sampledelia.
  • Music and AI: There’s a blend of music discussions and AI, with posts about various artists and how AI intersects with music appreciation.
  • Professional Development: The page includes conversations about ethical choices in professional networks and tips for professional development using generative AI.
  • Scientific and Technical Exploration: Topics like cognitive biases, AI art, and the Dunning-Kruger effect are covered, indicating a robust exploration of the intersection between technology, AI, and human cognition.
  • Resources and Recommendations: It provides links to resources for those curious about generative AI chatbots, including LinkedIn articles or Prompt Engineering courses. It encourages learning through practical engagement with AI chatbots.
  • Additional Features: The page also links to playlists on YouTube and Spotify, showcases stock market indices, and lists recent blog posts.

In summary, “Talking to Chatbots” on Reddgr.com is a richly diverse section that delves into the multifaceted world of generative AI, covering a wide array of topics from literature and business to humor, music, and science.

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“Run by people, augmented by the wonders of generative AI”

“Find the value and lasting impact of long content over ephemeral social media updates and mindless scrolling.”

“Connecting culture, business, prompt engineering, and generative AI.”

Reddgr and TalkingToChatBots.com taglines

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Reddgr.com, run by people and augmented by the wonders of generative AI, is a dynamic hub blending AI, technology, and business with pop culture. It offers a unique perspective on diverse themes, including AI ethics, financial insights, and song meanings. The site’s content ranges from AI-generated art to stock market analyses, emphasizing the value and lasting impact of long content over ephemeral social media updates and mindless scrolling. In the “Talking to Chatbots” section, Reddgr.com showcases chatbots as versatile tools, featuring conversations and posts on topics like science fiction, music, and professional development. This multifaceted platform connects culture, business, prompt engineering, and generative AI, offering resources and engaging discussions for enthusiasts and professionals alike. The site stands out for those seeking depth and creativity, with content available in both English and Spanish.

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