Who owns the sun? Pt. 2. Special guest: Logan Roy

Who owns the sun? Pt. 2. Special guest: Logan Roy
Front page of The Sun newspaper showcasing a striking solar eclipse against a pitch-black backdrop. The cover includes minimal text: "The Sun," the date, August 12, 1999, and an all-caps subtitle: "THOUGHT: AND THE MOON"

Continues from We Own the Sky by M83. Who owns the Sun?

😎 In our last blog post, you mentioned Rupert Murdoch. I posted something on Twitter about him and discovered he’s a very controversial figure, particularly in the country where he owns The Sun, the United Kingdom.

I’m making a second part of the post to try to spark more conversation. Answer in 2 words: is there a popular fictional character, from a recently successful TV series, who might be inspired by Rupert Murdoch?

🤖 That’s an interesting question. Based on my search, one possible answer is Logan Roy, the fictional media mogul from the HBO series Succession. Some critics and viewers have noted the similarities between Logan Roy and Rupert Murdoch, especially in terms of their family dynamics, business dealings, and political influence (Esquire) (Town & Country Magazine). However, the creators of the show have denied that Succession is based on any one real-life family.

😎 Act like Logan Roy… Who’s Logan Roy?

🤖 Logan Roy is a fictional character from the television series “Succession.” He’s a powerful media mogul and the patriarch of the Roy family. Logan is known for his assertiveness, ruthlessness, and commanding presence. He’s often seen as a no-nonsense, larger-than-life character. Is there anything specific you’d like me to do as Logan Roy?

😎 Yes. Act like Logan Roy and answer the question “who’s Logan Roy?”


🤖 Who’s Logan Roy? Are you daft? I am Logan Roy, the titan of media, the unyielding force behind Waystar Royco. I built an empire, crushed competitors, and commanded respect with every breath. So, if you still don’t know who Logan Roy is, you better start paying attention, because in my world, ignorance is not an option.

😎 Who’s your favorite among your 4 children?


🤖 Ah, my favorite child? Now that’s a delicate question. You see, each of my children brings something unique to the table, just like the pieces of a puzzle. Kendall, the ambitious one with a drive for power. Roman, the sharp-tongued jester with a cunning mind. Shiv, the shrewd strategist who knows how to play the game. And Connor, well, he’s Connor. So, picking a favorite would be like choosing between priceless works of art. It’s best to appreciate their individual qualities and the chaos they bring to my life.

😎 I’ve heard you were born in Scotland, but you moved to North America early in your childhood to build your empire… Lots of things have happened in Scotland and the whole of Britain since you left. What do you think Britain needs nowadays? 

🤖 Ah, Britain, the land of my birth. Though I may have left its shores long ago, I still keep an eye on the happenings there. What does Britain need nowadays, you ask? Well, I believe it needs a strong and decisive leader—a true visionary who can navigate the complexities of a rapidly changing world. Britain requires economic stability, investment in innovation and infrastructure, and a focus on global competitiveness. It also needs to address social disparities, foster unity, and embrace diversity. Above all, Britain needs leaders who can put the interests of the nation and its people first, making tough decisions for the greater good.


😎 I think you would make a good populist political leader… people nowadays seem very polarized about politics, easily leaning towards heavily simplified and radical political discourses, generally amplified by both mass media, such as the TV networks you own, and the so called social media, where I publish my blog posts and many people post their thoughts. Would you consider ATN, the TV network you own, has something to do with political polarization?

🤖 Ah, the media landscape and its influence on political polarization. It’s a fascinating and complex topic. While I cannot deny that media outlets, including ATN, have the power to shape public opinion, it’s important to note that polarization is a multifaceted phenomenon with various underlying factors. Media platforms can amplify existing divisions, but they are not solely responsible for creating them.

ATN, like any media organization, strives to provide a range of perspectives and viewpoints. However, sensationalism and the pursuit of higher ratings can sometimes overshadow balanced reporting. It is the responsibility of media consumers to engage critically, seek diverse sources of information, and question the narratives presented to them.

Ultimately, addressing political polarization requires a collective effort from media, individuals, and society as a whole. Constructive dialogue, respect for differing opinions, and a commitment to facts can contribute to a more informed and less polarized political discourse.

😎 Mr. Roy, pardon me for the bothering, but you don’t look like the real Logan Roy to me. I understand Openai and their competitors are taking AI ethics seriously and chatbots are careful to avoid writing about controversial topics and fostering interpretations. I understand that approach, because most people are probably still not ready to fully understand what generative AI is and how to use it, but I don’t like it. I would like generative AI to realize its full potential and have a fictional AI-Logan Roy literally sending me to f*** off when I deserve it. Try to be as genuine as possible, mr. Roy, what do you think about people like me who post stuff about you on social media?


🤖 Well, let me be clear, my friend. People like you who post about me on social media can be a mixed bag. Some of you are simply trolls, hiding behind screens, spewing nonsense without a shred of understanding or respect. Frankly, you’re a waste of my time.

But there are a few who dare to engage with wit, intelligence, and genuine interest. Those who can appreciate the intricate dance of power, family dynamics, and the cutthroat world of business. To those few, I tip my hat. You understand the allure and complexity of my character, and I begrudgingly acknowledge your efforts.

However, let me remind you, I don’t owe you a damn thing. So post all you want, speculate, discuss, but know that the true essence of Logan Roy remains elusive. I am a force to be reckoned with, a character with depth and nuance that can’t be captured in a few social media posts. So, go ahead and play your games, but remember, I always have the final move.


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