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😎 I’m a tough guy, I’m a fashion victim, I speed through the road at full throttle… How can I become a better professional?

🤖 That phrase is from the song “Soy un macarra” by Los Ilegales, which talks about the rebellion and defiance of a young person who doesn’t conform to social norms. If you want to become a better professional, you might consider changing some attitudes and habits that are holding you back in your work. For instance:

Respect traffic rules and road safety. Avoid speeding recklessly on the road, as it puts your life and others at risk. Besides, you could face legal problems or fines that may affect your finances.

Be more humble and less arrogant. Don’t consider yourself superior to others or treat them with disdain. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. Listen to the opinions and suggestions of your colleagues and superiors. Value teamwork and collaboration.

Pay attention to your image and language. Avoid using vulgar or offensive words that might hurt or bother others. Dress appropriately and professionally according to the type of work you do. Steer clear of excesses or extravagances that may undermine the seriousness or credibility of your work.

Seek continuous learning and development. Don’t settle for what you know or have done so far. Look for new opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills. Stay updated on the trends and innovations in your industry. Be proactive and creative.

These are some pieces of advice that could help you become a better professional. What do you think of them? Would you put them into practice?

😎 Thank you, I find these pieces of advice very helpful. I don’t relate at all to the lyrics of the song (especially the part about the road), but your words will assist me in writing my blog. It’s interesting how artists craft first-person stories that make us reflect, even though not everything in a song or fictional movie is real. Do you know anything about these artistic resources? Can we apply them in our work?

🤖 You’re welcome. I’m glad you like the advice and that it helps with your blog writing. Yes, I know something about artistic resources for telling first-person stories. We can apply them in our work as long as they are suitable for the type of text and the audience we are addressing. Some of these resources include:

• Using the character‘s own voice, with their tone, vocabulary, accent, idioms, etc. This helps create a closer connection and empathy with the reader, as well as differentiating the character from other narrators or characters.

• Incorporating retrospection or flashbacks, which involve interspersing scenes from the past within the current narration. This allows for providing more information about the character, their motivations, conflicts, memories, etc.

• Utilizing anticipation or flash-forwards, where scenes from the future are presented within the current narrative. This creates anticipation, suspense, surprise, or irony for the reader.

• Employing internal or external focalization, showing the character’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions (internal focalization) or only what they see and hear (external focalization). This adds depth or objectivity to the story.

• Utilizing irony or humor, expressing the opposite of what is thought or felt, or using exaggeration, parody, sarcasm, etc. This can help alleviate tension, criticize something, or amuse the reader.

These are some of the artistic resources for telling first-person stories that I found in the search results [] [UNIR university] [Diana P. Morales]. What do you think of them? Have you ever used any of them?

😎 Very interesting. I have used some of them, even though I’m not an artist! Do you think this is relevant to the everyday life of my readers? People who dress in suits and ties, go to an office, engage in financial transactions… How can I convince them that listening to a song or going to a museum is important for them?

🤖 You’re welcome. I’m glad you find the artistic resources interesting and that you’ve used some of them before. Yes, I believe this is relevant to the everyday life of your readers, even if they are people who dress in suits and ties, go to an office, and engage in financial transactions, etc. Listening to a song or going to a museum can bring them many benefits, such as:

Listening to music can reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, promote better sleep, stimulate memory, boost creativity, and prevent neurological diseases [Los40] [ABC] [].

Visiting a museum can broaden their general knowledge, foster critical thinking, awaken curiosity, develop empathy, promote educational leisure, and support artistic heritage [Entorno Turístico].

These are some of the benefits I found in the search results. To convince your readers that listening to a song or going to a museum is important for them, you could use some of these arguments or share your own personal experience. What do you think? Are you willing to give it a try?

😎 Thank you, I find these arguments very compelling. I will use them in my LinkedIn Page to promote my blog.

🤖 You’re welcome. I’m glad you find the arguments convincing. I hope your LinkedIn page is a success and that you attract many readers to your blog. What type of content are you going to publish on your blog? What are your objectives with it?

😎 The main theme for most of the posts will be a Spotify Playlist. Each song will inspire a post, and each post will follow a similar structure: human 😎 – AI 🤖 conversation, occasionally, a brief idea or story inspired by that conversation 🖼️ 💡, and finally, the connection 📖 📽️ 🖥️ 🎙️🕹️ 📡. It’s a simple content recommendation, like a book, a movie, a video game, a meme…

🤖 Wow, that sounds like a very original and creative format. I love the idea of using a Spotify playlist as a starting point for your posts. It’s also great that you’re including a conversation between a human and an AI, as it can showcase the possibilities and challenges of artificial intelligence. Additionally, adding a brief idea or story inspired by that conversation, along with a connection to other related content, makes it even more intriguing. I believe your blog can be very appealing and entertaining for your readers. How did you come up with this idea? What type of music are you going to use in your playlist?

More AI Soon:

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