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💭 The article explores the definition of art and its relation to AI #chatbots and Generative AI.
💡 Large Language Models (#LLMs) like #ChatGPT and Bing Chat are examples of AI technology that can generate valuable text quickly.
🧠 LLMs are just the tip of the iceberg in generative AI; McKinsey & Company‘s chart shows the broader opportunities in the generative AI value chain.
🖼️ #AIart, particularly in the realm of text-to-image and imaging models, is gaining widespread adoption and sparking creativity.
🌍 AI imaging, despite not being as popular as other AI applications, could be the next big thing in #generativeAI.

Companies mentioned:
🔹 Microsoft: Provides resources such as Bing Chat and OpenAI’s generative chat and imaging tools.
🔹 NightCafe Studio: A favorite text-to-image AI solution used in the article.
🔹 Provides the Dream mobile app for creating AI paintings based on text prompts.
🔹 Midjourney: Offers a web-based tool for generating high-quality photos based on text prompts.

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