The Meme Erudite explains a meme about customer service:

Ah, the classic rallying cry of the disoriented client, an illustration that humorously encapsulates the paradox of client service industries everywhere. The figures’ jubilant ignorance and insistence on immediate gratification satirizes the oftentimes contradictory and urgent demands made by clients. Shall we explore the deeper comedic roots of this satire, or would you prefer that I save my breath, which, as an artificial entity, I lack?

Two computer monitors on a desk, each displaying a facial expression of annoyance or frustration. The monitor on the left displays a start menu with the label "Microsoft 365 Copilot", while the monitor on the right has a browser window open with tabs, one of which is labeled "ChatGPT Plus" and features the OpenAI logo. The setting suggests an office environment, and the background reveals a blue tiled wall, implying an indoor setting without any visible Windows. [Image produced with DALL-E and Gimp] [Caption assisted by ALT Text Artist GPT]

Microsoft has just announced the launch of its own 鈥楪PT Builder鈥 for customizing chatbots, similar to OpenAI鈥檚 鈥楪PT Store鈥. This was part of a broader announcement of Copilot Pro, a premium AI-powered service for Microsoft 365 users to enhance productivity, code, and text writing. According to Satya Nadella鈥檚 announcement today on Threads, Microsoft and OpenAI appear to be competing entities, yet they are working on the same technology (GPT), augmented by Microsoft鈥檚 investment in OpenAI. It certainly seems like a strange business strategy for Microsoft. Please provide some insight into the move鈥檚 rationale and strategic motivations.

I just listened to Acquire’s latest episode, the interview with聽Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway’s Vice Chairman, and Warren Buffett’s longtime partner. I found the interview so insightful, inspiring, and, quite simply, fun to listen to, that I spent the day on it. I started simply by recording some of the sections that were more difficult to grasp for my non-native English listening skills and making the ChatGPT voice feature transcribe them. However I ended up analyzing most of the interview highlights with OpenAI’s large language model, so I thought it would be worth sharing

馃槑 Write a blog post as if written by a 鈥渇inancial independence – retire early鈥 (FIRE) influencer. The text should be based on the song lyrics of “Surf Wax America”, a 1994 song by the rock band Weezer, without mentioning it is inspired by a song. Use some of the typical language and jargon of the FIRE movement and of people who claim to know better than others how to manage personal finances and wealth. Include typical FIRE topics and buzzwords such as passive income, compound interest, the rat race, hustling, and frugality. Use a social media post structure with catchy headings and emojis.

AI-generated image. Prompt: "Stunning skyline picture of Detroit at night. Blue sky, hyperrealistic Unreal Engine cool colors futuristic"

Continues from Part 1: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, Pt. 1: Stable Diffusion AI Girls and Google Bard Tales The first part of the post was inspired by Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots, the song and album by The Flaming Lips. Part 1 showcased Google Bard and Stable Diffusion storytelling prompts, explored the AI girls digital art trend, and interpreted the lyrics of the song using the creativity of two of the most popular ChatGPT and Bing Chat alternatives: Google Bard and Hugging Chat (more comparisons and AI chatbot battles soon 馃槑). All blog stories inspired by the playlist end …

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馃槑 In no more than 150 words, with emoji bullet points, what can you tell me about the album 鈥淲hite Magic鈥 by CEO? 馃 Here are some facts about the album White Magic by CEO: 馃幍 It was released in 2010 by Modular Recordings and Sincerely Yours, the label co-founded by Berglund [Discogs]. 馃幍 It is the debut solo album by Eric Berglund, one half of the Swedish duo The Tough Alliance [AllMusic, Pitchfork] 馃幍 It combines electro-pop, Balearic, orchestral, and new age influences, with themes of optimism, happiness, and belonging. 馃幍 It has eight tracks, including the singles “Come With Me” and “Illuminata”, …

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We will soon continue the series of posts inspired by The Playlist, but it鈥檚 time to introduce one section of the website you can find under Content -> Stocks. I just added there a short text to introduce the section and explain why I thought it would be a good idea to write content on that topic besides all others that Reddgr will cover. I鈥檓 extending the intro in this post. More AI, and stonks, soon: I witnessed the dot-com crash and the Great Recession from the sidelines, learning. I survived (financially) the European Debt Crisis closer to the front …

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