I just listened to Acquire’s latest episode, the interview with Charlie Munger, Berkshire Hathaway’s Vice Chairman, and Warren Buffett’s longtime partner. I found the interview so insightful, inspiring, and, quite simply, fun to listen to, that I spent the day on it. I started simply by recording some of the sections that were more difficult to grasp for my non-native English listening skills and making the ChatGPT voice feature transcribe them. However I ended up analyzing most of the interview highlights with OpenAI’s large language model, so I thought it would be worth sharing

😎 Write a blog post as if written by a “financial independence – retire early” (FIRE) influencer. The text should be based on the song lyrics of “Surf Wax America”, a 1994 song by the rock band Weezer, without mentioning it is inspired by a song. Use some of the typical language and jargon of the FIRE movement and of people who claim to know better than others how to manage personal finances and wealth. Include typical FIRE topics and buzzwords such as passive income, compound interest, the rat race, hustling, and frugality. Use a social media post structure with catchy headings and emojis.

We will soon continue the series of posts inspired by The Playlist, but it’s time to introduce one section of the website you can find under Content -> Stocks. I just added there a short text to introduce the section and explain why I thought it would be a good idea to write content on that topic besides all others that Reddgr will cover. I’m extending the intro in this post. More AI, and stonks, soon: I witnessed the dot-com crash and the Great Recession from the sidelines, learning. I survived (financially) the European Debt Crisis closer to the front …

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